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Laredo Resilience Project

Report by the Harvard Graduate School of Design

Explore the comprehensive final report of The Laredo Resilience Project, created by students from the Harvard Graduate School of Design for the course Creating Environmental Markets. This in-depth study addresses the critical environmental and socio-economic challenges faced by Laredo, including water security, flood management, air quality, and sustainable urban development. The report dives deep into Laredo’s unique geographical and socio-political landscape, examining the interplay between its economic activities and environmental health. As a major trade hub, Laredo faces substantial air pollution and infrastructure strain, alongside severe water shortages predicted for the coming decades. The report proposes innovative solutions, such as a Community Water and Energy Resource Center (CWERC), to enhance the city’s resilience to climate change, restore natural habitats, and create new job opportunities. Through integrating strategic interventions that balance economic growth with ecological preservation, Laredo can transform its environmental challenges into opportunities for sustainable development and improved public health, envisioning a sustainable and prosperous future for the city.

Special thanks to the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Professors Robert Zimmerman and Lorena Bello Gomez, PhD, and the dedicated students Gemrisha Anantham, Mauricio Cohen Kalb, Ria-Yunqian Guan, Afomia Hunde, Noemi Iten, Zak Jacobi, Kevin Johnson, Steven Li, Benedetta Zuccarelli, Oliver Oglesby, Tega Ogodo, Navya Raju, Allen Wang, Dingrui Wang, Keyi Zhang, Bart Weiyong Zhang, and Boya Zhou for their invaluable contributions. This project was completed in May 2024, with significant efforts and insights from all contributors, which were instrumental in shaping the recommendations and strategies outlined in this report.
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